Even tech giant did this mistake

author: taufan febriawan | November 12, 2021 |
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User name not resolved on mail title

I just noticed that glitch. Did a little tracking back and found that mail is sent on a bi-weekly basis and has been receiving it since 2014 (although they started to use that title template from 2016).

Actually I rarely open that kind of mail but it’s quite enough to grab my attention. That is the only mistake they made so far. It’s quite surprising from the fact that they have already been doing that for more than 5 years (with the same template).

Compared to the previous emails

Not sure if that only happened to me, but from my experience, I should not be the only one and most probably will happen to a lot (huge) of peoples emails. That makes me think that no matter how big the company is, the same small mistakes could happen.

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